Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 PRO 2x–16x

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The Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP opens a new page in the history of Pulsar hunting optics. This is the first commercial riflescope to combine the effectiveness of thermal imaging detection at any time of day with the comfort of full-colour daytime observation. With the synergy that comes from the integration of different technologies, observation with the Thermion Duo brings enhanced high-information content.

For many hunters the Pulsar Thermion Duo DXP is set to become the only option for an optical riflescope at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. This thermal imaging riflescope, the Thermion Duo DXP, is based on the best solutions and components used in the development of Pulsar optics to ensure good handling of the challenges of night hunting. Full darkness, rain and fog will not prevent the Thermion Duo DXP from locating a beast and revealing its trophy qualities. The 4K resolution digital channel gives the full colours of day hunting.

The daytime digital channel clearly draws objects at distances of 10 meters and over. Using the Thermion Duo DXP as a daytime riflescope is always simple and convenient as the lens does not require focusing. The 4K-resolution CMOS sensor provides exemplary detail and identification of objects across the entire range of magnifications, from 1.5x to 12x. Day hunting is not only comfortable, but also high-tech when using the Thermion Duo DXP. A full-colour image peculiar to classic daytime optics is combined with extreme digital functionality. At any time, the hunter can record an image, change the reticle pattern and colour, or connect the riflescope to a smartphone.



  • Rugged magnesium alloy design
  • F1.0 germanium lens system
  • <25mK 640 Lynred thermal sensor
  • 4K CMOS 3840×2160 (digital sensor)
  • Dual band WIFI for ultra-fast data transmission
  • Magnification : 2 – 16 (x8 digital zoom for both channels)
  • FOV: 12.4 / 21.8 (for both channels on minimal magnification)
  • Extended battery life design
  • Long 1800m detection range
  • Smooth digital zoom
  • HD Frost-Resistant display
  • Ambi-dextrous focusable lens
  • PiP mode
  • 8 Colour modes
  • Instant Start-Up & “Display Off” mode
  • User friendly controls
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Multiple observation modes
  • Quick-Change, rechargeable APS battery packs
  • USB C port


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