InfiRay Bolt 18650 Battery Extender


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Maximize your iRay Bolt scope’s performance with the Apex3D Battery Extender. This incredible accessory lets you run an 18650 battery instead of the standard 18500, providing more than double the capacity and significantly extending your scope’s run time.

Although the iRay Bolt already features an exceptional internal battery, using an 18650 battery in conjunction with the Battery Extender will give you even longer run times. Plus, 18650 batteries are more widely available and affordable than 18500 batteries, so you’ll save money and get more power at the same time.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum and powder-coated in black to match the color of your scope, the Apex3D Battery Extender is both durable and stealthy. It’s designed to fit all iRay Bolt models and comes with an optional throw lever for added convenience.

With the Apex3D Battery Extender, you’ll have the power and reliability you need to take your shooting game to the next level. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in performance and convenience!

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