Nitecore NI26650A 4200mAh 40A 26650 Battery


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The Nitecore NI26650A is a 4200mAh 40A IMR 26650 high drain rechargeable battery specially designed for vaping devices. The 4200mAh capacity offers a long runtime with a high maximum pulse amperage of 40A and max continuous discharge of 21A. Designed with a flat-top connection, this battery contains a reliable Panasonic core.

While 26650 batteries are not the most common size for vaping devices, they offer a higher capacity and higher discharge for larger clouds. This battery is compatible with popular vaping devices such as the Vape Forward Vapor Flask Stout by Wismec, Flawless 100W, Sigelei 90W Plus, Wismec Presa 100W, or the HΩ Tech Hohm Slice 101W TC.


  • Battery Size: 26650
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Capacity: 4200mAh
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Max Pulse Discharge:40A
  • Max Continuous Discharge: 21A
  • Chemistry: IMR
  • Recharge: up to 500 cycles

WARNING: This high-discharge performance Lithium-ion IMR battery is NOT protected against being over-charged, over-discharged or short-circuited. It is therefore very important to take the following precautions when using this product:

  • DO NOT discharge at BELOW 2.5V.
  • DO NOT charge at ABOVE 4.2V.
  • DO NOT short circuit (may release potentially hazardous current).

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